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Heavy Metals are all around you and are detrimental to your Health

You are being exposed to heavy metals and these are some of the symptoms of heavy metal poisoning:

Chelation has a long history.

Chelation therapy with EDTA was first introduced into medicine in the United States in 1948 as a treatment for the lead poisoning- of workers in a battery factory. Shortly thereafter, the U.S. Navy advocated chelation for sailors who had absorbed lead while painting government ships and facilities. The FDA approved IV EDTA chelation as a treatment for lead poisoning. Physicians administering the chelation for lead toxicity observed that patients- who also had atherosclerosis (fatty-plaque buildup on arterial walls) or arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) experienced reductions- in both conditions after chelation.1 Since 1952, IV EDTA chelation has been used to treat cardiovascular disease.
Today as our world becomes more technological, toxic heavy metals are more part of our world with all the gadgets and computers we use, inevitably containing lare amounts of toxic heavy metals that upon their disposal seep into our rivers, air and environment.

With chelation you can start detoxifying and the benefits and the improvement in your quality of life may surprize you including possibly:

- more restful sleep

- varicose veins diminishing

- prostates becoming less enlarged

- enhanced memory and cognitive

- less infections as your immune system is not as overwhelmed with toxin

- improved energy

- joint and back pain being eased

- a dminishment of vision problems

- reduction of calcium deposits in ears can enhance hearing

Chelation can also help reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke

You have over 75,000 miles of arteries, veins, capillaries, and microscopic arterioles in your body. As heavy metal toxins mix with cholesterol to form arterial plaque and harden your arteries it increases your risk for heart attacks and strokes but this build up can also impacts your health and quality of life in many other ways. Since your circulation is somewhat restricted correspondingly the nutrients that are distributed through your cardiovascular system are also restricted.

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More Sources of heavy metal exposure:

Aluminum Cookware

Mercury Amalgam Fillings

Drinking Water

Lead in the pipes in our home

Air Pollution

Tobacco Smoke

Fish and Seafood





Heavy Traffic

Old Paint


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